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EyeFitU builds confidence in online shopping. We reduce your return rates by helping shoppers find the right size in your brand.

Built with Swiss precision, our patented AI Sizing Engine helps shoppers discover and buy fashion without the stress of sizing. With EyeFitU, shoppers can browse and purchase apparel and footwear in the correct size from leading fashion brands and online shops partnering with us.

Boost traffic

EyeFitU drives consumers directly to your brand’s online shop through the App and website.

Increase sales

The AI technology boosts consumer confidence – and conversion rates – by recommending the right size, every time.

Multi-profile option: shoppers can buy for their loved ones instantly in the right size, ideal for the gifting market.

Reduce returns

Correct sizing leads to lower return rates and less hassle and cost for your brand.

We love that you are interested in EyeFitU because making shopping a more pleasurable experience is what keeps us motivated. Please contact us at:

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