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What is EyeFitU?

What is EyeFitU?

EyeFitU is your personal sizing, shopping and discovery app.
Discover and shop fashion in your size.

Explore Your Style

Explore Your Style

Spend more time perfecting your style and less time finding the right size. Focus on fashion and leave those long afternoons in changing rooms and returning clothes behind you.

Revolutionise Your Shop

Revolutionise Your Shop

Welcome to the World’s 1st app to help you find and buy the perfect size instantly. Our exclusive Multi-Profile feature even helps you buy the right clothes for your family and friends.


Isabelle Ohnemus

Isabelle Ohnemus


Founder, techie and fashionista, Isabelle is the inspiration and driving force behind EyeFitU. Frustrated with different sizing across stores, she invented EyeFitU to empower shoppers just like you.

Henrik Steffensen

Henrik Steffensen


Innovation-led and passionate about technology, Henrik is the startup expert of the team with 20+ years experience in business model development. A true snow junkie, EyeFitU will keep him dressed stylishly on the slopes without wasting time in stores.

Erik Troelsen

Erik Troelsen


Practical and perceptive with an eye for detail, Erik brings 20+ years of operational experience in software development and technology to the team. Before EyeFitU he never dared to buy clothes for his wife and kids, but now he’s tipped for husband of the year.

Louisa Schibli

Louisa Schibli

Business Development

Techie, trendy and creative, Louisa brings her boundless energy to business development for EyeFitU. Too busy living life to the fullest to waste precious time shopping, she is excited that EyeFitU will help her and like minded shoppers stay fashionable and fabulous in minimal time.


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What is EyeFitU?

EyeFitU is the smart shopper’s app that finds your perfect size in seconds. Simply download the app, enter gender, height and weight and start shopping. Select your favourite pieces online or instore and find out instantly whether they fit you. No queues. No drama. Just convenient, stress-free shopping.

How do I shop on EyeFitU?

You can browse thru our looks or use our advanced filtering options to find the items you like. You simply click on your chosen item which will take you directly to the retailer’s website to complete your transaction.

Do we have a sizing problem?

We all know that feeling when a perfect fitting size 8 in one store can barely zip up in another. Especially when buying online. This is EXACTLY why we’ve built EyeFitU. To help take the risk out of shopping. No more returns. No more queueing for changing rooms. Your perfect size is just a tap away.

What about my personal preferences?

Not a problem. You can follow your favourite brands, set your individual size and fit preferences or use our recommendations to discover new brands. It is a personal store with clothing in your size.

I shop in lots of places. Can I use it everywhere?

Of course. We know that the perfect outfit takes a lot of leg work. So we’ve made sure that you can use EyeFitU across all major brands, from H&M, Gap, Topshop and Bonobos to Armani, Lacoste, Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren.

Can I use EyeFitU when I shop online?

Most definitely! We built EyeFitU to empower you to buy perfect fitting clothes online. We all know that online shopping can be tricky and no-one likes returns. EyeFitU partners with the greatest brands and stores and recommends your perfect size in seconds for the styles you love.

Can I also use EyeFitU in-store?

For sure! EyeFitU will make your shopping experience even more pleasurable. No more wasting time in changing rooms, or getting home only to realise those new jeans don’t fit properly. Simply select your brand and EyeFitU will recommend the perfect size for you.

How can I trust that it works? I don’t have the time to return clothes.

Trust us, we’re Swiss. We’re all about precision. We’ve spent years perfecting EyeFitU, so that you don’t have to worry. Leave the techie bit to us and shop till you drop.

Sounds great. Can I use it to buy clothes for my friends and family?

Well aren’t you generous! Luckily we’ve designed EyeFitU with shoppers just like you in mind, so relax. With our multi-profile feature, you’ll always have your loved ones’ sizes with you.

Will it cost me anything?

Nope, not a thing. More money for shopping!

What about my data privacy?

We know that security and privacy are important to you - and they are important to us, too. Your personal information is stored locally on your phone. We collect anonymized information and statistics to provide better sizing services to all of our users. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

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