Meet EyeFitU’s Founder and CEO Isabelle Ohnemus

Fed up with complicated sizes, lengthy returns and multitude of shopping apps, Isabelle Ohnemus wanted a solution. She founded EyeFitU, the personalised shopping and sizing app.

Zürich, December 2015

“I want customers to focus on the fun of shopping – discover trends, looks and inspiration, instead of being distracted by sizing and return issues, or going back and forth between online shops and fashion apps. At EyeFitU, via the app or the website, users have access to everything on one platform.”

The clear vision of CEO and founder Isabelle Ohnemus is at the very core of the EyeFitU platform. She knows what she wants EyeFitU to offer, because she is her own best client. Busy like everyone else, juggling family and work, Isabelle has no time to be searching around on a variety of fashion apps and especially buying the wrong size and dealing with the hassle of returns.

With her professional background in personal styling, fashion and finance, Isabelle knew the different challenges of the industry and the fast changing shopping behaviour of customers, including herself. With a vast choice of online shops and channels to browse and buy, it was the hassle of the return processes and the complicated sizing structure that made shopping fastidious. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Isabelle wanted to create a platform offering complete access to global shopping. The motivation lay in capturing the essence of the changing industry and user behaviour, therefore making it easier for users to get access, opening the borders, connecting them to international online stores and enabling them to shop from wherever they are. One crucial aspect however, had to be considered: “It was impossible to think about creating a fashion app and platform without having a solution for sizing included.” Addressing one of the largest problems in the ecommerce business was at the core of Isabelle’s vision. In order for customers to enjoy the benefit and thrill of easy worldwide shopping, the various designer- and country-specific sizing structures had to be overcome. This was achieved by developing an algorithm that took all the different sizing tables into account as well as the users’ individual measurements in order to create personalised sizing suggestions for each user in each brand. The brand name embodies this vision: EyeFitU – the eye of the app will tell you the perfect fit.

Isabelle created EyeFitU as a glocal platform. While enabling customers to shop in global online stores, EyeFitU promotes local designers and trends, which is a key feature for her in order to offer users the one destination where everyone can explore their fashion sense and find the mix and match wardrobe. It is this changed user awareness of how women shop and what for, that Isabelle has created EyeFitU for. Additionally, as a mother of three daughters, adding the option for multiple profiles was a must, which crucially solves the problem of gift shopping.

Isabelle reflects: “We have incorporated our mission directly in our brand name: it is how you see yourself in your clothes that determines the size that fits you. We’ve created a safe, personalised platform where users can devote their shopping time to fashion, explore new brands and find inspiration rather than dealing with sizing.” Her near-future goal: creating a universal shopping cart and adding more brands and online stores to EyeFitU.

About EyeFitU

The fashion app and platform offers fashion exploration and the efficiency of the sizing tool all integrated in one place. Isabelle Ohnemus founded EyeFitU in 2013. The company is based in Zurich and currently has 10 employees. Three business angels have joined the founder in the first round of financing.

Market Overview

  • Online fashion market estimated at €144bn in 2015, which represents only 12% of total fashion industry
  • Expected growth of 35% CAGR between 2015 – 2017, with market share gain to 19% driven by enhanced mobile access, new markets, middle class emergence etc.
  • Ecommerce players have experienced an average return rate of 40% – 50%, caused by sizing issues of consumers
    EyeFitU Pitches and conferences

EyeFitU Pitches and conferences

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