EyeFitU launches the shopping version and starts its second round of financing

Zurich, 21. July 2015

EyeFitU has launched its shopping version, which will enable the users to directly shop in their right sizes, derived by the app’s complex algorithm. After successfully closing the first round of financing at the beginning of April, the second round will commence in the coming weeks.

A total of CHF1.75 Million was raised in the first round, which enabled the company to start their market entry and positioning strategy, leading to the shopping version of the app. Three business-angels have joined the founder in this round.

In the past business year, the focus has been on extensive market research with testing of the app, the implementation of the elaborate algorithm and sizing engine. The EyeFitU-app is now developed and all shopping-partners have been integrated. “We are very happy that we closed a successful first round of financing as this allowed us to concentrate on our first level of go to market. Now, we are looking forward to starting our second round and to all the exciting changes that will happen”, states founder and CEO Isabelle Ohnemus.

EyeFitU is starting its second round of financing in the next weeks. The launch of the shopping version, the Web version and the Android-version are part of EyeFitU’s global marketing strategy.

About EyeFitU

Isabelle Ohnemus founded EyeFitU in 2013. The company is based in Zurich and has 10 employees.

EyeFitU is the first global personalised mobile sizing and shopping solution. The EyeFitU app and platform enables users to find clothes in their right size no matter where they are or what brand and style they are shopping for. The user is provided with a multifunctional overview of his correct sizes at all fashion brands. EyeFitU filters all online offers according to the correct size and the user enjoys a perfectly customized online shopping experience.


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